Psychotherapy - general

What is a psychotherapist?

Since 1990 “psychotherapist" has been an independent and scientific remedial profession in Austria. Psychotherapists treat people in situations of mental conflicts and crises, with psychological troubles and distress with the aim of reducing or removing symptoms, changing disturbing behaviour or attitudes and supporting the personality growth, development and health of the treated person. The education to become a psychotherapist takes about seven years and is regulated in a special law. The name “psychotherapist” is registered.

What are the special characteristics of the family therapy?

The family therapy is centered on solutions and resources and involves in particular the environment of the client (or family or organisation), even if the persons belonging to the system are not present. Conversation is supported by a large variety of different methods.

Clients may be individuals, couples, families, teams, etc.


According to art. 15 of the psychotherapy law the psychotherapist is bound to discretion concerning all secrets, which are made known to him/her in connection with his/her profession. Moreover, on account of the pledge of secrecy and data privacy protection nobody will receive information about whether a person takes psychotherapy or not.